Classes offered at Life Path Healings

Weekly Meditation Classes at Life Path Healings
Weekly Meditation Classes for Spiritual Cultivation, with  Readings and Healings offered every Wednesday at  6:30 pm and Thursday 10 am.  Classes are on-site at the Life Path Healings Studio in Yucaipa CA and are small and intensely personal.  Classes are $20 at the door or in advance via Venmo or PayPal.Me/Dr Marie  

Class experiences include Channeled Readings,  energetic healings, and many unusual and varied Spiritual experiences in addition to meditations.  Dr. Marie uses her Reading abilities to teach specifically to you and your challenges and gifts. With Dr. Marie's Energy, you will be able to connect with your Higher Self and with your Higher Powers. You will learn to feel and work with your own energy field and expand you  intuitive skills.  Dr. Marie assists you so you can connect with your Guides and you will learn to receive messages from Spiritual sources. The quality of your daily life and those around you will evolve and change.

Teachers are here not to simply motivate you, complement you or tell you what you already know about yourself. A True Teacher has the strength, and love to reveal to each person parts of yourself that are hidden or that you have not yet discovered.  Through this process you will evolve and grow both in your daily life and in your Spiritual Connection to a Higher Power.   In the journey of self-discovery, one may experience internal conflicts, or stuck patterns.  One might find it difficult to differentiate karma or fate (decisions you made before you came here) from current bad decisions. Dr. Marie specializes in sorting out these elements using a combination of soul examination via psychic skills and offering sound psychological tools to move through challenges to improve one’s life and manage one’s Life Path.  

The work offered here is a Practice, not a religion and people from all walks of life feel comfortable attending the sessions at Life Path Healings.

Philosophy and Teachings of Life Path Healings
Our Spiritual Practice and Cultivation

Dr. Marie teaches Taoist Meditation. This meditation activates energies and calls in Higher Beings to assist you in clearing yourself in order for you to be in a deeper relationship with your Self and so you can be a better channel for Spirit.  Your Higher Power cannot communicate directly with you when there are blocks such as old wounds, ego based agendas, addictions, or  your rational mind that seeks to turn everything into control and logic. Spirit must communicate with our Inner Selves — our own spiritual aspects — our hearts.Through meditation you will  learn to blend your personal energy with the energy of Source. and through the circulation of spiritual energy through your physical bodies you will see your daily life improve. This is not book learning or guided work. It is an experience that is only available when working with an Energy Master, a Teacher that has a real and true Spiritual Practice.

Many people seek out meditation in order to feel "better". Life Path Healings Taoist Meditation goes beyond that.  We offer a form of meditation in which we activate the divine energies of the Higher Inner Self.  We use meditation to wake up and feel. We allow a Higher Power to come to us, to lead us forward in Healing, Guide us in Life, and move us towards Enlightenment.  Sitting in Divine Silence you will be awakened, taught, cleared and healed by the Spiritual Forces activated and called in by  Dr. Marie's enhanced and extended Energy. As you learn to feel these Energies yourself you will learn to trust  your own connection to Source, your intuition will soar and you will discover how to live with Faith and the Inner Peace that comes with this Practice. 

Dr.Marie's meditations begin with sitting quietly. We start this process by always paying respect to ourselves as well as to Source,  in the form of a bow. Then we close our eyes, 'let go' and allow ourselves to just be. When we surrender in this way, we begin to feel who we are inside. We let a Higher Power guide each meditation and each person will be given what each individual needs at the time. Some will feel bliss, quiet, or calm. Sometimes we will feel sadness, anger, or thefrustration of unresolved conflicts.  We allow these feelings, all feelings,  to surface during Meditation.. Facing these feelings and embracing them frees our energy. We may experience the manifestation of vocalizations, mudras and other spontaneous movements. These experiences are all part of the process of healing and refinement of our lower body desires and habits as well as the expansion and growth of our own Spiritual and Healing energies..

Just as important as seated meditation is the practice of  Moving Meditation . We start these movements by standing and bowing to each of the four corners of the universe, then internally requesting that Spirit move us through a meditation. We remain standing and wait for our energies to shift and move our limbs and our bodies. As we sense the movement, we follow it slowly, never rushing ahead of it or anticipating it with our minds. Again, letting go in this way — following not leading — allows us to confront the self, and thereby bring in more healing, integration and refinement.

As we continue to cultivate, we go deeper within ourselves to find more stillness and more hidden parts of us. We must strive not to become attached to any particular sensation or action, but rather trust that Source knows what we need and that whatever manifests is addressing that need. Again, this is not a process that we will be able to 'figure out' intellectually.

Spiritual growth, awakening, and enlightenment is a process, not a goal. By learning to sense and feel the energy we have inside, we become stronger and better able to cope with the challenges of life. Opening the heart to "hear" Spirit, trust the Guidance given, and then learning to function from that connection allows us to live a truly Spiritual life on a daily basis. 


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