Working with Dr Marie -- Monthly work

For those of you considering becoming as Student and studying with Dr. Marie, here are two posts by people who enrolled in the Intensive Monthly Study Program.  These were written (by two different people) after months of work, some painful, some challenging, some joyful.

Bringing Spirit into your life can and will make a difference. Working with a Teacher is the path for some. Consider the possibility for you..... investing the time and effort in you, your life, to arrive... here....

From SG-- one of many experiences of "openings" and revelations that occurred during monthly work with Dr. Marie:
Dear Marie
This morning I had the most incredible experience and I have to tell you now. It started after breakfast. I washed the dishes and then in my mind I just had the desire to go out to see the horses. Now that I recall it, it was not just a desire, it was a decision almost not made by me, I just HAD to go. I took "Sam" (a son, name has been changed) with me and asked him to bring his English work so that we could review it together. As we walked down to the horses we passed a tree and suddenly I had to turn around because the tree was calling me. I didn't hear a voice but it was an energy that obliged me to turn around. The tree is short and has twisted branches going out forming an umbrella. When I turned around I saw the beauty of it and I had to decide to place our chairs under its shadow. I must say everything was done like guided, it was not really me deciding. I had the impulse to hug the tree so I did it. Such a strong energy was coming from the trunk, it was peaceful and so powerful at the same time. Then "Sam" and I sat but immediately I decided to take a walk to the horses. For a lucky coincidence they were in my favorite paddock. The view is beautiful from there and the whole setup has something magical about it. We started to walk all around the perimeter, greeting the horses as we were crossing their path. Many spots started to attract my attention, they were literally “calling” me. I know that paddock very well but this morning it was all new. I was feeling an energy that was so strong that I had to stop many times to look around and absorb the surroundings. After a while "Sam" left and went back to the first tree to play climbing on the branches and speaking to his friends. So I remained alone and soon Beauty started to hit me. 

My eyes were taking pictures that no camera could ever reproduce. I thanked God for my eyes and for my sight. Slowly every detail of what I was looking at was jumping at me with such a powerful strength that was almost un-containable. Then I looked at the horses peacefully grazing around. They were so beautiful and the word abundance came in front of my eyes and I realized I was looking at the real meaning of the word abundance. Their coats were shiny, their butts full, their tails long, moving with the breeze, the green around was so intense and had so many nuances, the sun was shining on everything. I can't describe what I was feeling but I realized that I was looking at real abundance. Not money abundance, not food or material things, but abundance of love, abundance of God. Again I had to say thank you. In front of me it was another tree which is very old and very beautiful. I could see every single leaf, I could see every detail. I had to start to cry because that profound happiness was too big for my body. All of a sudden I felt a shower of love. It was raining from above, it was hugging me from every side and it was coming from the ground. I was afraid to move because I didn't want it to stop. Please don't think I'm crazy, I know God was there and I did talk to him asking questions and he answered and while he was talking he kept hugging me and I kept crying. I can’t remember everything he said, but at some point I know I doubted it was him and I felt the presence almost retreating. So I told him I was doubting because I couldn’t believe he was really talking to me, how could I think I was so important to have God talking to me? He answered that I WAS important to him, like the most important thing in the world and I kept crying, I couldn’t stop. The sweetest storm of emotion was running through my whole body. Gently he showed me other times in my life when I felt something like that. Some memories came to my mind. The crying was liberating. I kept thanking no stop, lost in the most incredible feeling of being lifted and at the same time completely merged with everything. And the feeling of being safe was immense. He told me something about creation, showing me the green the trees the clouds in the sky the sun shining my eyes keeping taking pictures of all the beauty. I felt the breath of God, the presence of God. He said that everything I was looking at was the expression of him, the expansion of him. 

At some point I said I could see and understand his expansion but why didn’t he stop right there? Why creating men so that they could damage and destroy what he had done?  He answered something like Nature and animals are in me all the time, they can't help it they can't help but feel appreciation for me and thank me. they live in me all the time they have no choice. I needed to create something that could contain the choice of being with me or away from me. That's why I created men. You have the free will to create your path and your experiences with the option of choosing to be away from me. At that point things became confusing, too fast to grasp. I didn’t get angry this time, I mean I couldn’t get angry. The love was too big, there was no space for anything else. So I just stood there, even though I couldn’t make sense anymore of the thoughts which slowly faded out, leaving me in just “being”. Don’t think I was in a kind of trance, no. I was perfectly conscious, perfectly present. I asked God to allow that state of bliss, please, don’t make me fall on the ground tomorrow feeling messed up. No he said, you are grounded. Can you feel your roots to the center of Earth? You won’t fall. 

How do I know it was God? No it wasn’t my guide. My guide was there, I saw him in the background, sitting down on the side, in his robe, watching to the whole scene, but saying nothing. He was much smaller than the presence. The voice I was hearing was different, the presence was different and even the calmness was different. I don’t know how long I stayed there, until I realized it was late, I had to prepare lunch. I walked to the house so slowly, and I was feeling the ground breathing under my feet. Everything was alive and breathing. I could see peace breathing in the horses and out from them, like a gigantic wave. I felt sorry for the grass I was stepping on, asking God I could I walk without disturbing it, without crushing those vibrant expressions of life. He smiled and said that was for sharing, it was a gift and it wouldn’t die for my steps. Reaching the house I had a wave of smell of the grass C**** had just mowed. I always loved the smell of grass freshly cut. Again I felt the smile of God enveloping me, knowing the wave of smell was like a pink beautiful rose a prince charming would give you after the first romantic dinner. I told myself I had a date with God. 
The feeling is still with me.

From KS-- summary of work completed. An Ending of months of work:
Hi Marie,

I reviewed all of our writings to each other. I've come quite a long way this year, I'll start with the positives and then the other stuff:
1.  Getting comfortable with meditating again, after my  earlier traumas,  it is wonderful to have re-established meditation as a practice. Every morning I meditate (and sometimes in the afternoon too).

2.  Anger letters, each morning after meditation I write a letter--usually an anger letter, but also letters of love to my mother or others.  I am currently writing and burning anger letters towards myself.

3.  Householding;  I've organized and cleaned, including the garage and made it into the workshop that my father always said it was, he now spends most of his time working on his planes, still a lot to do, but every time I walk around the house or start to work in the garden I am reminded of how much lovely work of moving things through I have done.

4.  Fun, having fun and the importance of it: dancing, playing with dogs, painting, etc.

5.  Fitness:  Hip replacement done, one of the best decisions ever.  I'm working out consistently and feeling better and better, endurance, strength all coming back and it's nice to see people at the gym.

6.  Spirit:  I have become comfortable with asking Spirit for help and praying,  And the synchronicity that is showing up in my daily life is amazing.

7.  Inner child work:  This has been really good, soon I will return to the Bradshaw book and deepen that work.

8.  Saying No:  I have been working with this and it is nice.  Actually makes me laugh. It reminds me of the little kids when they start saying no and how much giggling is involved at the same time. Saying no.  I've been saying no a lot to voices in my head, obsessive thoughts, etc. It really works, just kind of deflates everything and I start laughing.

9.  Sarcastic “thank you” and thank you in general:  Enjoying sarcastic thank you and how it turns into real thanks, still need to do more thankfulness before bed.

10.  Scheduling: Getting back to scheduling and writing things down. After so many years of being stoned and drunk, this has been challenging and good.

11.  Writing stuff down, I'm still struggling with this one which is funny because I used to be such a big Journaler.  This I can work on more, keeping track of what I ask Spirit about.  I need a better journal rather than the things I'm using now.

12.  Drinking:  reviewing it is clear that this has been the biggest problem and the one I most consistently say I don't want. It was good to review the writings.  I can now say comfortably that I am an alcoholic and that my relationship with alcohol is destructive.  I have started working the steps with my sponsor.

Other stuff:  I have been able to drop a lot of the anger I had towards my past career as an artist, and to drop that identity, to let go of the attachment to the image

Balancing male and female:  There has been some interesting stuff happening with me here, having better boundaries and my inner “male” energy has become more vocal, healing my anger towards my parents.

Food, eating, enjoying cooking.

Tarot: I draw a card before meditating.

Thank you for all your help.  This has been hugely beneficial.  I can also see that I will probably want to come back in the future and do more work.  I feel right now that I am becoming a bit too dependent on you and starting to do all sorts of projecting onto you and, I hate that--I'm starting to argue with you in my head.  This has been great for me to re-connect with spirit and practice.  Much love to you Coach.


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